Meet Watters International's Team

Watters International is comprised of a team of expert real estate professionals with access to the best marketing and sales tools in the industry. We specialize in selling and buying properties in the least amount of time, with limited stress and aggravation, bringing the maximum value to our clients. Let us know what you're looking for and we will make it happen. Please take advantage of the helpful tools on this website, but also feel free to contact us personally.

Austin, TX

Aaron McNeeley

Office: 512-766-5871

Austin Smith

Office: 214-500-6556

Barry Adelman

Office: 512-801-8271

Bryce Metzger

Office: 512-296-9469

Camila Galindo

Office: 954-854-9738

Grant Randall

Office: 512-829-8000

Jeff Riberdy

Office: 254-702-7053

Jennifer Rodarte

Office: 281-733-5867

Kia Potter

Office: 949-354-8525

Reza Rostamnejad

Office: 737-781-7318

Rhonda Pineda

Office: 512-221-4346

Shelly Breidenbach

Office: 510-395-7532

Wade Lindstrom

Office: 512-422-6191

Zara Garcia

Office: 737-203-0030

Dallas, TX

Scott Coleman

Office: 979-777-4466

San Antonio, TX

Jason Dayton

Office: 210-325-8090

Kristy Jonas

Office: 830-237-5303

Santa McClelland

Office: 210-542-2559

Sarah Tijerina

Office: 210-480-1764

Zeke Banks
  • Buyer Specialist

Office: 708-996-5041


Alena Loveless
  • Inside Sales Specialist

Office: 512-829-8000

Amanda Gonzales
  • Chief of Staff

Office: 512-277-5104

Amanda Greco
  • Transaction Coordinator

Office: 512-649-3073

Amber Bestgen
  • Director of Operations

Office: 512-774-5203

Bradley Pounds
  • Chief Operating Officer

Office: 512-253-7313

Darcy Barron
  • Transaction Coordinator

Office: 512-774-5203

Jodi Roughton
  • Transaction Coordinator Team Lead

Office: 512-368-8275

Justin Stortz
  • Inside Sales Specialist

Office: 512-829-8000

Parker Lasseigne
  • Photographer

Office: 512-423-1479

Richard Martinez
  • Photographer

Office: 512-917-4525

Susanna Medrano
  • National Sales & Leadership Coach

Office: 512-554-6881

Yvonne Ferguson
  • Listing Manager

Office: 512-646-0038