Get Paid Twice Program

Stress-Free Home Selling On Your Terms

Facing a major life event? Need to sell your home? Overwhelmed by the idea of listing your home with a busy family life?

Welcome to a new era of real estate possibilities with Watters' innovative program, "Get Paid Twice." Imagine a process where selling your current house not only opens the door to your next dream home but also rewards you at two significant points along the way. Navigate the Sale of Your Home with Certainty and Peace-of-Mind.

How it works:

1. We buy your house.

Watters provides you with up to 88% of your home's equity before listing, giving you the financial flexibility and peace of mind you need to start your home-buying journey. This upfront payment helps you purchase your next home with confidence, and without unnecessary contingencies that make your offer unappealing.

2. You move into your new home -- on your timeline.

With your old mortgage paid off and your cash for a healthy down payment in hand, its time to negotiate your new home purchase from a position of strength. To make things even easier, we'll lease your home back to you for a few weeks so you can have a smooth transition.

3. We expertly market the home to maximize its final sale price.

Your job in this phase is to relax! Meanwhile, the Watters team stages your home and manages the sale. We utilize our expertise to effectively market the property, attract potential buyers, and negotiate the best offers.

4. You’re paid — again — when the home sells.

Once your home is sold, you’ll receive the balance of the sale price after fees and expenses.

Two Payments, One Sale.

With Watters, there's no uncertainty or worry. As the final step in our "Get Paid Twice" program, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your home sold for its maximum potential value, all while enjoying your new home without the burden of two mortgages. Our unique program has taken the stress out of selling and moving.

Don’t let the complexities of selling your home hold you back from your next adventure. Tap into the power of Watters International Realty’s revolutionary "Get Paid Twice" program. The future of stress-free home selling starts here.