Tons Of New Listings Have Hit Our Market Recently

I’m writing to let you know that our housing market has shifted. Tons of new listings have hit our market recently, and they’re available at lower prices. 

Since the pandemic, we’ve been in one of the craziest seller’s markets we’ve ever seen. It was incredibly frustrating to be a buyer in this environment. You’d put in an offer only to find out that 20 other buyers did too. The fierce competition drove up prices, and a lack of inventory meant buyers had to settle for less-than-perfect homes. 

Now, things are completely different. New listings are coming onto our market every single day, so you can find the perfect property to fit all your needs. Plus, there’s way less competition. You won’t have to offer over the asking price to win a home anymore—in fact, many sellers are willing to give you generous concessions. 

Enter your needs here to find your dream home.

Keep in mind that new homes are hitting our market daily. If you tell me what you’re looking for, I can find a house that works for you or let you know when one hits our market. 

However, I suggest you hurry. Interest rates may rise further this year—the longer you wait, the more it could cost to purchase your dream home. 

The bottom line is if you’re thinking of buying this year, I’m here. Ask me anything; I talk to sellers all day and know exactly what they’re willing to offer. Call me at 888-333-4838, or you can email me

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