The Truth About Buying in 2022

Here’s the scary truth about buying a home in 2022: You can negotiate to get a great deal. 

Homes currently on the market are sitting there significantly longer than earlier this year. The number of homes on the market has gone up significantly, and multiple offers are now a thing of the past. Although interest rates are higher, the cost of owning a home is 15% to 20% lower in some cities in Central Texas.


15% to 20% means you could negotiate a home for $100,000 less than the previous asking price this past spring if it was a $500,000 home. Those are significant savings, and far outweigh any increase in interest rates. Additionally, when interest rates finally start to decrease, you'll be able to refinance the home. We also have a program with Supreme Lending where they will do the refinance for you at no cost.

You can always search for homes on our website and look at properties that are not yet listed. If you're interested in looking for a deal, call us. We have a list of foreclosures and new build homes that you won't find online. We look forward to hearing from you!

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