How To Get Your House Ready For Open House

Clean and Declutter

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In a hot seller's market, you'll set yourself up for failure if your home isn't in good shape before an open house. Eager buyers won't overlook major flaws - they either opt to pass or make offers below what the property is worth. It may be time to mow lawns and repair any issues that need fixing so potential clients know exactly what type of place it is right away!


Stay Away From The House

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When you're ready to sell your house, it's important that the first impression of its interior be nothing but professional. Make sure no family photos are visible or available for viewing while guests are inspecting potential homes in order not give buyers any reasons why they should choose one property over another; also don't forget about taking pets with during open house visits--people could have allergies and some may even find dogs/cats off putting depending on their personal preferences! 

The agent will be in charge of showing your home to buyers. They are responsible for negotiating on behalf of you, so make sure they have the expertise and integrity needed before hiring them!


Come Prepared

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If you're looking to buy a house, make sure that it's the right fit for your family. If an open home weekend runs at this property where financial situation will be considered along with loan pre-approvals before offers are made if possible and willingness shown after touring.


Private Showings Might Be Better

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If you can, schedule a private showing outside of the open house hours. This will give you time to take your own impressions and form an opinion without other competing buyers serving as distractions for this crucial decision-making process! There's no harm in seeing how it looks before potential buyers who might come along later; especially if they're expected to make multiple offers on their first weekend at home (or even same day). You could also attend one public viewing session where we know exactly what is inside - then book another meeting after that just specifically about deciding whether or not they want more information from us.

If you are already represented by a real estate agent, try to visit open houses together. Your agent can also speak on your behalf if necessary-a necessity when making an offer!


Take Notes

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If the house meets your needs on paper, take a tour with an eye towards making sure you have everything in mind before signing anything. Cracks or signs of possible water leaks should be noted so they can't sneak up later when it's too late! With the market moving as fast it does, notes will help you remember which homes had Pros and Cons. Otherwise they'll blend together after just one day of viewing houses - but not with this app!




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