5 Tips for Decorating Your Home

Looking to bring your Austin home to life? We put together some ways to decorate your new home. We know the feeling can be overwhelming - don’t fret. Read on for some helpful tips!

Clean Your Old Home

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Before you make an offer on a new place, be sure to start this critical first step. It will not only help your current digs with packing up and moving into it easier but also put miles between now and move-in because all that old stuff is outta there! Start purging - pare down accumulated possessions by 25%-50%. Have garage sale/auction online or donate unwanted items for charity right away so nothing slows down the process of finding YOUR PERFECT HOME!


Start In The Bedroom

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Our bedrooms are our sanctuary. They provide us with a private space to relax, rejuvenate and recharge after busy days at work or school- so it's important for them not only function but also feel like home! Pick out colors that will make you happy in this room because when all else fails - mood matters too much time spent here should be relaxing.


Don’t Buy Everything All At Once

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The last thing you want to do is buy a house and then find yourself living in an entirely different space than what was intended. Live there for at least two months before making any significant purchases so that way, if something doesn't feel right or turn out the way you had envisioned it would be all on your own time!


Color! Color! Color!

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Tie everything together with color: if you're moving into your first place and have furniture spanning from the 1960s to now, don't worry! The easiest way is unifying through a single hue; let's say that instead of having one sofa in all colors (like other pieces), it has just enough similarities so as not be overwhelming but still inspire some style inspiration for what else can use this same technique? You could take those few items which share their tones across different rooms throughout the house like artwork or curtains - these would work well next time around too.


Solve Problems, Save Cash!

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Your kitchen and bathroom cabinets can make a huge difference in the way your home looks, so don't be afraid to freshen up their appearance with some paint. Change out all of that boring hardware for something more fun! You'll also want to consider replacing old light fixtures; they're not only less yellow than traditional incandescent R-type lamps but they've got better energy efficiency too!


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