5 Things Your Realtor Wants You To Know

Commissions Aren’t Always The Same

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Many people believe that the real estate commission is always 6%, split 50/50 between seller's agent and buyer's agents (with a cut going to brokerages). Although this may be true in some cases, it would violate antitrust laws for commissions on all transactions across board; rather each agency sets its own price independently of one another. The seller can negotiate any terms before signing listing agreement as well!



Be Negotiable, But Have A Needs List

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Real estate agents know that potential home buyers have budgets to stick with. However, if you are too picky and unwilling to compromise on certain requirements then it could be more difficult than necessary for them find the right house. I would recommend making a priority list so there is no mistake about what should go into an offer when looking at homes - but also remember not all properties meet your needs equally well; don't let yourself miss out by being too devoted one way or another!


Location is Key

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The location of your home should be the number one priority when looking for a new place. If you want to live close by, in an area that has all sorts of amenities like parks and restaurants then this is important information to know before making any decisions on which neighborhood might best suit what are needs most during relocation.

The proximity between work or school may also factor into where someone chooses settle down long-term because these places can often take longer trips if traveling through traffic while another consideration would be how easy access there will always remain via public transportation options available no matter.


We Aren’t Here to Just Show Pretty Houses

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Real estate websites are an excellent resource for buyers when looking to purchase their next home. However, it can be difficult if you don't have the right agent on your side - one that will spend hours researching listings and studying neighborhoods before guiding them through every step of finding a new place in person! We see this process all unfold before us as we negotiate prices with sellers while coordinating appointments around different types needs; some even act as web developers or accountants among other things. You may think of realtors only being involved during showings but they do so much more than just showing properties: They research neighborhood demographics (like crime rates), explore financing options based upon.


Get a Pre-Approval First

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Buying a new house is an exciting process, but there are many factors to consider. One of the most important decisions you'll make before going out looking for homes is whether or not your current finances can afford it and what kind of mortgage would work best with those numbers- from FHA loans if that's what they're approved for all the way up through jumbo mortgages! In order get preapproved by lenders so we know how much money has been set aside in advance (based on employment details etc.), it’s really helpful when someone like me who knows these things helps guide them along their search while staying within budget too.

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