10 Best Rated School Districts in Austin, Texas

1. Eanes ISD

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Eanes ISD has been ranked as the best school district in Austin by both students and parents. This area is made up of six different elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school which serves residents located mainly around this city's west side neighborhoods like West Lake Hills. This school district includes Hill Country Middle School, Cedar Park Elementary School, and Westlake High School.


2. Lake Travis ISD

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Lake Travis ISD has a student-teacher ratio of 17.2 students for every teacher, ensuring your children get individualized attention in the classroom. It is one district that stands out among others as it serves Austin's White Rock area with prestigious high schools such as Lake Travis High School which features an average experience level far beyond what most other locals have attained by having 64% SAT scores deemed ready to enter colleges across America!

3. Round Rock ISD

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The large school district of Round Rock, Texas is home to 34 elementary schools, 11 middle schools, and six high schools, totaling over 50,000 students. The graduation rate for this area is 96% which makes it one of the best in America! Their students at Westwood High School perform particularly well on testing metrics while those attending McNeil High School have shown greater success with reading skills over other subjects such as math or social sciences.

4. Leander ISD

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Leander ISD strives to provide an excellent education for each student. This includes providing a safe and challenging environment where students can thrive, as well as offering many services that help them succeed in life after graduation! The high school is home to 2,464 kids whose test scores are always above average thanks to programs like Gifted Student Services which helps their academic success while also providing counseling options should they need it; AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program enables these bright minds with low incomes to have access top-notch college tuition savings accounts through partnerships between local businesses who offer scholarship opportunities on job site or off campus activities so no one falls behind during their schooling.


5. Dripping Springs ISD

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Dripping Springs caters to the needs of its residents by providing a balance between academics and extracurricular activities. They offer three elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school which teaches over 6,000 students with an average class size measuring 16 per teacher. When tested on STAAR test subjects — all categories ranked 91 or above. For those who are looking to get into extracurriculars, athletics aren't just limited to football or volleyball; there's also track & field and soccer!

6. Wimberley ISD

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If you're looking for a smaller school district with the convenience of living in one area, then look no further than Wimberley ISD. The small size means that there aren't any crowded buses or dangerous intersections near your child's stops and it also gives them more opportunity to make friends as they get older since their classmates range from all different backgrounds which helps create an inclusive environment at adolescence-transitioning into middle school life. The high number college ready scores achieved by students here speak volumes about how this community feels -- open-minded yet focused on education nonetheless! The high school offers more than just academics; students can pursue careers that interest them like gardening or get professional advice on how to pick their college major from guidance counselors who are experts at what they do!


7. Liberty Hill ISD

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Liberty Hill ISD is a small school district that consists of four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. It's located in the Austin area, which has some great neighborhoods for families looking to buy homes! The small town of Liberty Hill, Texas is home to a quaint school district that strives for excellence in all areas. The staff at this institution work closely with each student and offer programs such as sports or arts after hours so children can grow besides being academics minded too!


8. Austin ISD

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The high school in Austin, TX is home to two thousand students and one previous semifinalist for the 2019 National Merit Scholarship. The district offers 67 full-day pre-K programs that start learning off on the right foot with their extensive offering of academic resources including 152 designations from Texas Educating Agency as being outstanding when it comes to teaching excellence!


9. Lago Vista ISD

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Lago Vista ISD is a district of innovation and technology that strives to provide students with an up-to-date approach in education. With four campuses serving the areas surrounding Lake Travis, Jonestown Pointe Venture, it can be found 15 minutes from downtown Austin on its northern end near Hwy 71. The school focuses heavily on using modern technologies such as laptops for all teaching needs. If you are looking to purchase a home in the area, Lago Vista offers tax deductions of a 20% homestead exemption.


10. Pflugerville ISD

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The population of Pflugerville, Texas has been growing exponentially for years now and it's actually one the fastest expanding cities in America. Just north of Austin sits this small town with 25,000 students that are 48% Hispanic, 23% White, 15% African American and Native American/Pacific islander residents who attend school here too.


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Eanes ISD - 78746  |  Lake Travis - 78738  |  Round Rock - 78681  |  Leander - 78646  |  Dripping Springs - 78620  |  Wimberley - 78676  |  Liberty Hill - 78642

|  Austin - 78704  |  Lago Vista - 78645  |  Pflugerville - 78660



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